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Pension Investment risk and volatility

Investment risk and volatility

Beginners guide to Pension investment risk and volatility.

Coronavirus Pension Advice

Coronavirus Pension Advice

Should you cash in your pension early due to Coronavirus?

How to avoid a pension scam

How to avoid a pension scam

Five step guide on how to avoid a pension transfer scam.


Can I cash in my pension early?


You can cash in a pension you are not currently paying into or receiving if you are 55 or older.


If you are looking at option such as Selling Your Pension then you probably want to raise a cash lump sum from your pension fund before retirement.

Can I cash in my pension to pay off debt?

If you are aged 55 plus you can use your pension fund to raise cash and clear unwanted debts.

Can I cash in a defined benefit pension early?

If you are 55 or over you can cash in 100% of your pension early as a cash lump sum; up to 25% Tax Free.

Can I cash in my pension to pay off my mortgage?

Should you use a cash lump sum from your pension to pay off your mortgage.

Can i cash in my pension early due to ill health?

If you are in poor health and can no longer work you can cash in your pension before 55.

Can I cash in my pension to buy a house?

Raising capital from your pension to use for a deposit on a house.

Can I pay off my credit card debt with my pension?

How you can pay off your credit card debts using your pension fund.

Can I cash in my pension to move abroad?

Raise cash from your pension to move abroad and start a new life.



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