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Grove Pension Solutions are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference number 465051). The FCA are the UK’s financial watchdog set up by the government to regulate financial services and protect your rights.

We only offer pension release and pension transfer services which is why we deal with a limited number of product providers only.

Why use Grove Pension Solutions?

We are a specialist pension transfer firm and have been directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority since we were first established in 2007.

When we first started, we only dealt direct to the consumer, however, in more recent years, as our reputation has grown in this field, we have been providing a Pension Transfer Bureau Service for other financial advisers to introduce their clients to.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of service we give and being able to provide advice you can trust. Some key points worth noting are:

  • We have already advised thousands of people about their pensions; covering every major pension scheme there is.
  • Not everyone is advised to transfer their pension, for a lot of people, the best advice is to leave their pension where it is and do nothing.
  • No pushy salesman will call – we communicate by email and post, sending all recommendations and advice in writing; you only speak to an adviser on the phone if you call us or, by pre-arranged appointment times set by you.
  • We only ever recommend FCA regulated UK pensions and investments.
  • Our advisers are NOT rewarded for completing transfers, they are measured by the quality of their advice, whether that is to transfer or not.
  • All our recommendations are posted to you in a report and written in plain, easy to understand English

Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything just to find out your options and you are under no obligation to proceed. There is only a charge if you decide to go ahead and receive full advice. We provide all our recommendations in writing, written in plain, easy to understand English – you always remain in control.

Grove shares best practice in The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review

Grove Pension Solutions Ltd was selected to appear in The Parliamentary Review alongside Prime Minister.

Speaking about Grove’s involvement, Chief Executive and founder, Michael Ormond said:

“It’s a real honour to have been invited to participate in this prestigious publication. I’ve been involved with the financial services industry since 1984 and have specialised in the narrow field of pension transfers and pension release for nearly 20 years. To be recognised for this expertise makes me very proud.”

The Parliamentary Review

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