Your client, our risk

Defined Benefit Pension Transfers for Introducing IFAs

Our service means we can provide your clients with DB transfer advice, then hand them back to you for ongoing servicing – 100% guaranteed.

Your client, our risk. We take all the compliance risks, so you can benefit from reduced Professional Indemnity costs.

Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Service For IFA’s

Professional introducers already registered


Agencies switched back to introducers after their cases complete

Years specialist DB pension transfer experience

As your IFA partner, our aim is to help you develop your business

We can investigate and analyse any UK pension and deal with every stage of the process, which means we can support you in helping your clients achieve their aims.

  • You retain all your client’s ongoing service rights & fees.
  • No expensive Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • We are 100% responsible for the advice given.
  • We are 100% responsible for the compliance risk.
  • Competitive and fair fee structure.
  • Full client visibility through our IFA Community Portal.
  • We accept Insistent Clients.

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IFA Newsletter November 2023

IFA Newsletter November 2023

Following the implementation of our new fee structure, we can confirm that we now have a maximum fee ‘cap’. In short, our maximum fee for DB transfer advice is now £13,000, applying to any client with a transfer value of greater than £857,000

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IFA Newsletter September 2023

IFA Newsletter September 2023

Whilst the decision to transfer or not will always be individual and dependant on client circumstances, it is very useful for any IFA to have an understanding of what is generally happening with transfer values in the broader sense, particularly if you

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Is Fos to blame for the demise of the DB transfer market?

Is Fos to blame for the demise of the DB transfer market?

The FT Adviser have recently published this article written by our CEO Dash Ormond. Why are so many firms abandoning the defined benefit transfer market, LEBC being the most recent? To understand, you need to go back to when it all started. In 2015, then-chancellor...

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