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Triage – Gold Standard

We are unable to move forward with your enquiry until you have let us know you have completed some useful background information. So please:

  • Carefully read the Triage Pack that was sent to you.
  • Watch the independent (short) video.
  • Complete the form at the bottom of the page.

The sooner you complete the form, the quicker we can continue.

Pension Transfer Gold Standard

Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Video Guide

Independent video guide on the risks of Defined Benefit Pension Transfer.


Our responsibility for being members of The Transfer Gold Standard initiative, we give clients better understanding of good advice, so they can be confident they are dealing with a firm that is going beyond minimum requirements when giving financial advice.

Guides & Downloads

Useful information when making your decision about transferring your defined benefit pension.

1. Triage Information Pack
Grove Pension Solution’s guide to triage.

2. Good Practice Guide
Personal Finance Society’s practical guide to Pension Transfers from defined benefit to defined contribution.

3. Pension Transfer Gold Standard Consumer Guide
Personal Finance Society guide to what you should expect from financial advisers who have adopted the Pension Transfer Gold Standard.

(Requires a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat.)

Triage Gold Standard Confirmation

As part of The Transfer Gold Standard initiative we need clients to confirm they have read the guides and watched the educational video.

Please fill in the form to confirm: