The joint general secretary of Unite, Derek Simpson declared in an interview with the Daily Mirror that Gordon Brown is the only choice to handle the recession and to lead Britain forward after the next election, adding that he has his full support.

Mr Simpson continued:”Gordon Brown has chartered a steady course through the recession, but it is now time to be robust and radical to stop a Tory government which would dash any hopes of a recovery and wreck Great Britain’s economy.”

He stressed that committing to the current progressive stance with pensions, employee benefits, jobs and public services, the government can take major steps towards a brighter future for UK. The Government must however draw a clear line between itself and the Conservatives, ensuring that it is understood that Tory opposition to homeowner support or banking intervention is wrong for the country, and that the Tory position over Britain’s public finances threatens to shatter any fragile recovery.

Recently, Unite was also calling on the Phoenix Four to pay up the promised £2.5 million each into a trust for the workers as well as money which was raised from the sale of assets including Studley Castle and MG Sports Tools. The decision to delay the payments into the trust was taken after the inspectors’ investigation took place into the actions of the former owners of MG Rover.

Unite’s Tony Woodley said: “What we are calling for now is the release of the money promised to workers and for it to be distributed fairly and evenly. We are asking the Phoenix Four and the bank concerned to act urgently.”