Grove Pension Solutions Ltd has just launched a new campaign advertising our Early Pension Release service on Smooth radio.

We would like to say “welcome” to anyone who has found us as a result of listening to that advert.

We are a specialist firm dealing specifically with helping people aged 55 and over access their pensions early.

Most of our existing customers have come to us for help because they wanted to release a cash lump sum from their pensions early but didn’t necessarily want to retire or take a regular on- going income at the same time.

Most existing pension arrangements, whether they are company pensions set up by an employer or personal arrangements started by the individual, if they allow early pension release at all, will insist that if you take a cash lump sum payment early you will also have to take an income now too.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

What we do here at Grove is help people achieve their need to access a cash payment only from their pension early, whist deferring taking any income until a later date, maybe when they retire.

Usually you can release up to 25% of the pension fund value tax free and this can be done whether the pension started out as a company pension or personal pension.

It’s important to remember that by releasing a pension early it is likely to result in a smaller income when you retire so is obviously not suitable for everyone.

It’s also vital that you fully understand the consequences of your actions before making any final decisions; this will include finding out what benefits you are losing in return for accessing a cash sum early.

Clearly this isn’t something that is suitable for everyone, however; with the right kind of professional help from an experienced firm like Grove, it could be the right thing for you and might be the best way of accessing much needed funds.