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Our initial consultation is free so you can find out a significant amount about whether transferring your pension is suitable for you. It is only if you proceed to Full Advice that charges apply.

Once you have read the guide and would like us to look into your options, simply complete the enquiry form, located at the back of the guide, telling us what pensions you would like us to look into and post it back to us via FREEPOST.

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Please note

If you have more than one pension, you will need to print off and complete one enquiry form for each pension.

Make sure that you sign your form, because without your signature as authorisation we cannot look into your pension options.

Once we receive the completed enquiry form, we will contact your pension provider and request all of the information relating to your current scheme e.g. size of fund, pension type and benefits.

Whilst this is going on, we will also send you some generic information, known as our Triage Advice, this will help you understand a little more about the implications of transferring a defined benefit pension scheme.


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