Mr C, Essex

Although I am only an occasional user of the pension transfer service offered by Grove FS, I have always found their service levels excellent. Their personal guidance, throughout each case, has been 1st class, ensuring that I give my clients accurate information from the start and throughout. This ensures that our clients have no unrealistic expectations, and appreciate both, the time required for a full and proper analysis, and, that the advice given, is in the client’s best interests. The new online system is very easy to learn and has made the information gathering process more interactive with the client, resulting in more accurate information being recorded.

Mr J, West Yorkshire

We find using Grove for their pension transfer process, straightforward and without any complications. The good thing about Grove is that they use good communication skills with the client, even if a transfer is not viable to proceed with. We receive weekly email updates as a given but in and amongst other things there is constant dialogue to confirm further updates on each individual case. We’ve used Grove for the past two years and have been extremely satisfied with their service & co-operation for every case they’ve been involved with.

Mr E, Tyne & Wear

I have used Grove for around a year now & they have done over 30 cases for me, I must say that their professionalism is superb & they work very hard to quickly & efficiently complete each case in the timescales provided, I have spoken to lots of their advisers & support staff, everyone so far have been great to deal with & sorted out any issues in a timely fashion, they chase up cases regularly, the quality of the information that they send out to clients is very good & my clients have actually commented on this as well as saying they have been kept well informed about the process.

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