The government have committed themselves to the notion that everyone who is considering taking advantage of the new Pension Freedoms should be able to get free guidance; the problem is it is just that, guidance.

They are also saying that you should get qualified professional advice before making any decisions that could affect the rest of your life.

Below we have outlined the pro’s & con’s of free advice, no advice or paid advice:

Pension Freedom - Free Advice

What is it?

Free advice (Visiting Pension Wise) Government service, which outlines the new rules and provides general information with the objective of helping you decide your next steps.
After this you have to either get paid advice from a professional adviser or go down the no advice route


Its free and will give you the basics.If you understand the detailed implications of tax planning and legislation and are comfortable with long term financial planning and benefits laws without assistance then this could be for you.


It doesn’t look at your circumstances; you still have to make your own choices which many find daunting. You are open to mistakes that could lose you up to 45% in tax & possible loss of benefits. (Usually 25% is tax free and the balance is charged at your marginal rate and subject to future changes.)

Pension Freedom - No Advice

What is it?

Getting the money directly from your pension provider.You do it yourself, based on general research and information from your pension provider, who are obliged to make sure you are aware of the risks and loss of guarantees if applicable.


If your pension scheme provider allows you to do this, and many won’t, but if they do then there is no adviser fee, however, there could still be exit charges.


You can make decisions that could result in you losing a significant amount in tax or loss of some state benefits.

Your pension provider may not allow you to do this or only allow withdrawal of the whole fund. You may not need all of it and you could incur tax bills unnecessarily.

Pension Freedom - Paid Advice

What is it?

A detailed evaluation of your personal circumstances covering income, benefits, tax, debts, outgoings and other commitments either face to face or over the phone.

They will also help you plan your retirement income to ensure you have enough left in retirement.

As well as the planning and advice they also carry out the work making sure there are no mistakes. If you do choose to take paid advice then make sure they are FCA regulated and specialise in the pensions field.

Many financial advisers do not have the specialist knowledge you’d require of them.


Detailed advice is the only way to ensure that you are 100% informed on your next steps. Using a specialist firm will ensure that there are no nasty tax or benefit surprises.

They will take all of your personal circumstances into consideration and advise you of other options that you may have.

If pension release is the best option for you, they will help you limit the tax you will pay and inform you how to minimise the loss of state benefits. They will also help you understand what you’ll need when you retire.


There is a cost to this.

However, in a significant number of cases this advice will save you money in the long run.

If you pick the right adviser then the advice is free up until you decide to appoint them to carry out the withdrawal.

Need Advice?

Why should I speak to Grove Pension Solutions for pension transfer and pension release advice?

Grove Pension Solutions Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are financial advisers specialising in pension transfer and pension release. We have been doing this for many years now, long before the recent Pension Freedom changes came into effect.

We have provided professional advice to thousands of people over the years.

Our service allows you to evaluate your Pension Freedom options without paying a penny. It’s only if you decide to go ahead with our recommendations that you pay a fee.

So why not Get Started today to receive your free pension freedom guide. If you read the guide and would like us to look into your pension freedom options, then simply complete the Enquiry Form at the back of the guide telling us what pensions you would like us to look into and post it back to us via FREEPOST.

You are under no obligation to go ahead with any of our recommendations if you don’t want to.



Get started today and receive expert advice from Grove Pension Solutions

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Mr KW, West Bromwich

Very helpful & informative staff who understood my situation & why I had to release funds. I was informed that it could be a bad decision to proceed & was put under pressure not to, which doesn’t make sense as Grove wouldn’t make any money.

Mr PB, Chelmsford

At all stages I was completely satisfied with the help I got. At every stage I was made aware of any pro’s and con’s of pension release.

Mr JE, Maidstone

The Grove Pension Release company are very helpful who go through every aspect step by step so that you understand. … The service you get is A1 and the staff are polite and helpful in every way. The response and service I got was second to none.

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I found your staff very helpful and professional at all times. The advisor concerned did everything in his power to speed up the process as I had wanted to use the funds to attend my son’s wedding (abroad). The deadline was met and I was able to achieve my goal. The advisor went out of his way to ensure I was fully briefed and had considered all options before making my decision, thank you again.

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….what can I say. This company has been a breath of fresh air. I fully recommend any one considering any form of financial planning to contact Grove Pension Release. In plain English, those people are “NOT” cowboys. Thank you for all your help.

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