Since our inception in 2007, we have built on our reputation for being honest, friendly and helpful professionals with an extensive knowledge and experience invaluable for our clients when dealing with their pension release and transfer enquiries.

Our senior management team have individual experience within the industry ranging from 45 years for the most experienced to over 17 years for the least. Our Chief Executive and founder, Michael Ormond, has over 33 years in the industry, with over 18 of those years specialising in pension transfers.

We can investigate and analyse any UK pension*. Our extensive data base covers all major schemes, in fact, we have details of over 7,000, covering the significant majority of those in existence.



We are committed to the FCA rules and guidance and have our own, dedicated compliance team ensuring we keep up to date with the latest interpretation and implementation of their requirements.

As recently as 2016 they completed a review of our business; focusing on procedures, management structure, business process, TCF and training documents, along with reviewing several of our transfer cases.


A partnership you can trust

We understand that the relationship you have with your clients is vital and can be undermined or strengthened by our involvement. Therefore, our focus is on fairness, balance and transparency, in both process and charges; quite simply, we will not recommend a transfer where it is not in your client’s best interest.

We aim to work hand in hand with you, being as flexible and accommodating as we can, to ensure the best possible customer outcome and ensuring your reputation with your clients is enhanced and strengthened.

*Certain Statutory Pension Schemes cannot be transferred, such as: NHS, Teachers’, Civil Service, Police, Fire Fighters and Armed Forces.

Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) can be transferred.

Our Senior Team

Tim Flippance
Claire Butler
Suzanna Scott


Grove Pension Release provided a very proficient service regarding my pensions review and pension release. My future pension needs have been fully reviewed and look forward to your support and working together in future years.

Mr RH, Witney

The people who dealt with my case were very helpful & non judgmental about the reasons why I wanted the case payout. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and the risks highlighted. Although this course of action is not for everyone, it has been a lifesaver for me. Thank You.

Mrs CS, Telford

I was in a situation and found that Grove Pension Release came to my rescue and appreciate everything they did for me.

Mr GGB, Chicester

I found the service very good, everything was explained in simple English, which made it easy to understand. The advisor was polite and very helpful.

Mrs SB, Selby

I found Grove Financial Services to be an efficient and helpful company who I believe will do the best for their clients.

Mr CN, Slough

I found Grove to be very professional people and very knowledgeable. The way they dealt with my pension release was second to none.

Mr DH, Warrington

I found your service first class with friendly polite staff. All questions I had were answered. It was nice to be with a company that did not hard sell. Most refreshing.

Mrs JC, Warwickshire

The advisor explained everything and took time to make sure I understood what he had said. Service provided prompt information clear and easy to understand. Staff polite at all times. Everything they said would happen did in time frame told.

Mrs LL, London

I found your service first class with friendly polite staff. All questions I had were answered. It was nice to be with a company that did not hard sell. Most refreshing.

Mrs JC, Warwickshire


Grove actively support the following charities and institutions

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