The following information walks you through the process we take with you and gives you an indication of timelines. A full process document will be provided to you at the point of introduction.

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1. Enquiry and authority

To begin, we require you to complete a fact-find, health data consent form and Enquiry Form for each of your clients. The Enquiry Form will give us authority to contact the scheme and obtain details of the benefits where necessary. It should be completed and then signed by the client. Any other information, such as Benefit Statements, Scheme Booklets or a recent Transfer Value, will help speed up the process. We will also directly provide the scheme member with our Client Agreement.

The more detailed the fact-find the better. If information is missing, we will request this from you, however, please bear in mind this will delay the process.


2. Information gathering

If not already provided, we will then request the necessary information from the scheme, such as the Cash Equivalent Transfer Value, Benefit Statement, Immediate Early Retirement Benefits (if over age 55) and Current Scheme Booklet.

We will then phone one week later to obtain a likely timescale for response and we will chase frequently until the information is received.

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3. Preliminary assessment

Once all the relevant information is received, we will produce a TVAS report. In some instances, the scheme may not provide all of the information requested. Where practicable, we may then make certain assumptions in order to complete the TVAS and preliminary assessment. This helps to ensure that the process is completed as quickly as possible.

If necessary, we may also have a brief conversation with the client to clarify details from the fact-find and potentially gather more information.

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4. Transfer illustrations and Recommendation

We will then carry out a full analysis, prepare transfer illustrations and make the recommendation to the client.

If the recommendation is to proceed and you require an Introducer Adviser Charge, this can be agreed with the client.

The fee can be deducted from the transferred funds along with our Advice Fee and will be documented in the Suitability Report. Alternatively, your fee can be paid via an ad-hoc fee arrangement after the agency has been transferred back to you.

If you require an ongoing fee, this can be organised before or after the transfer has been completed, depending on the provider chosen, and the servicing agency has been transferred back to you, the introducer. In all cases it will be included in the TVAS and Suitability Report.

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5. Suitability report sent

We will email a copy of the Suitability Report to you, together with a copy of the TVAS report if required. Unless previously agreed otherwise, the original Suitability Report and supporting documents are sent direct to the client, including all relevant forms required for completion and return. We also carry out an electronic Money Laundering and ID check.

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6. Transfer request

On receipt of the forms and documents requested, we will check everything has been included and signed as necessary. If anything is missing or incomplete, we will inform the client and you.

Completed paperwork is then sent to the new provider. They will acknowledge receipt and send any forms and documents to the transferring scheme.

We will chase the transferring scheme regularly to ensure that the process is completed as soon as possible and keep you informed of the progress. This includes chasing any further information not originally requested. This process can take several weeks.


7. Transfer complete

Once the transfer has completed, the new provider will issue documents to confirm the pension contract is in force, along with payment of the agreed fee where appropriate.

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8. Payment and Servicing Agency returned to you

We will issue a letter to the client explaining that the transfer has completed and, if any, pay the Introducer Fee to you once we have been paid. We will then send a change of agency letter to the scheme, to remove us as the servicing agent for the policy and to put this under your agency. You are free to set up any ongoing adviser charge or ad-hoc fee as agreed between you and the client.


The Financial Adviser / Introducer should send us the scheme(s) Transfer Value statement and details of benefits payable at normal retirement age, as indicated on the Submission Form, together with payment of £295 for each scheme. It is up to the introducer whether this cost is passed on to their client. If there is any further information required, we will contact you to ascertain this.

We will then provide a TVAS Report for each scheme.


I have already recommended your services to some of my colleagues. I was highly delighted with all aspects of the services I received. Thank you for a painless, understandable transaction.

Mr GWB, Driffield

Your staff gave me so much relief and I would like it known that your staff are helpful, understanding, and make the whole process easier than I thought it would be. I am so so happy to have put this in your company’s hands.

Mrs ED, Manor House

Your staff were very helpful from the start and very professional in their approach to what is a complex field. I would recommend your services to anybody.

Mr AS, Oxford

The whole experience was comprehensive and informative. I was never put under pressure, and the whole procedure was conducted professional, with feedback. Everything that I was told would be done was done in the time frame that I was advised of.

Mr MD, Plymouth

The advisor explained everything and took time to make sure I understood what he had said. Service provided prompt information clear and easy to understand. Staff polite at all times. Everything they said would happen did in time frame told.

Mrs LL, London

Definitely I would recommend Grove Pension Release to anyone as they give personal and friendly help to people who need help, where other companies don’t.

Mr MG, Stockport

I found the service very good, everything was explained in simple English, which made it easy to understand. The advisor was polite and very helpful.

Mrs SB, Selby

The Grove Pension Release company are very helpful who go through every aspect step by step so that you understand. … The service you get is A1 and the staff are polite and helpful in every way. The response and service I got was second to none.

Mr GA, Widnes

I was in a situation and found that Grove Pension Release came to my rescue and appreciate everything they did for me.

Mr GGB, Chicester


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